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Whether you're looking for strength and conditioning, fat loss or functional training our Personal Trainers are here to help.
With one on one training (or bring a friend or two) or programs you can come and do in your own time they've got you covered.


PT; 30 mins $40 | 45 mins $50 | 60 mins $60 + train with friends and multi-buy discounts. Programs $60 | Program Updates $40

contact us directly to book in training with friends and multi-buy discount sessions

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If you are looking for more reasons for booking a massage, other than ‘because it feels great’, look no further. Let’s face it, massage can make you a much happier person…but here are nine rock solid benefits of regular massage that make a compelling argument to book in for one soon!


correcting problems in your body | stress reduction | immune boosting | heightens mental awareness releasing muscle tension and pain increased joint mobility improved posture | improved skin tone eliminating 'vicious cycle' complaints

BONUS BENEFIT: Remedial massage assists a wide variety of health disorders Whether it is insomnia; headache; depression and anxiety; back pain; arthritis; high blood pressure; chronic pain; plantar fasciitis; shin splints; rotator cuff issues - studies have shown that remedial massage provides positive benefits for many health disorders.

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beauty nails waxing tanning


Massage | Facials

Spray tans  | Waxing

Eye lash extensions

Lash lift and tint

wedding hair and makeup


Wedding hair & make-up stylist
Eye lash extensions

Spray Tans | Waxing

Nails | Lash lift and tint

beauty lashes


Wedding hair & make-up stylist

Eye lash extensions

beauty makeup


Make-up artist

Contact us via Facebook or give Zone a call on 8182 5138

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Finally! A faster, safer, more effective solution is now available using Next Generation Pulsed Light Technology for all your skin and hair removal needs.

Experience the difference with Adelaide’s first medical-grade laser alternative for clear smooth skin that is safe and effective for ALL hair and skin colours. Achieve lasting results twice as fast compared to typical laser treatments, saving you time and money.


  • Permanent hair reduction for ALL skin and hair colours.

  • Diminishes redness, rosacea and broken capillaries

  • Improves acne, pigmentation, sun damage and age spots

  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines and boosts collagen production naturally in the skin


Contact Amanda to make a booking, get a quote and have any of your questions answered.

Address: 3/247 Milne Road Modbury North     Email:    Mobile: 0415831390



Are you seeking balance and tranquility in your life? 
Discover Inner Peace with Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation! 

🌿 4 Week Mindful Self-Compassion Course

🌿 8 Week Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation Course

🌿 6 Week Guided Imagery Course

🌿 From Grief to Gratitude Weekend Workshops

Not sure which course is right for you? Check this link for a description of all of my offerings.


- humanity matters always -

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Are you struggling with low energy levels? Hormonal imbalances? Gut issues? Difficulty losing weight? Low mood? Autoimmune conditions?

Are you overwhelmed with conflicting health information about what to eat and what are the best supplements to take? Or do you know what to do but find yourself unable to stay on track and stuck in bad habits?

You might benefit from a Health Coach!

Amanda is currently offering one on one coaching sessions (individual sessions or packages available), Online 30-day Detox Programs that cleanse and nourish the body and mind, and educational workshops to educate and inspire wellness across all areas of health and wellness.


Amanda has over 20 years of experience working in both public and private health settings, and has completed a Honours degree in the Health Sciences and a PhD in Exercise Physiology.

Amanda’s primary interest is in holistic health and health coaching, and she is currently practicing as a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, specialising in Women’s health, Children’s health, the Gut Health connection, and optimising health and energy to thrive in life and prevent disease.


Amanda will work with you to:

  • Identify what areas of your health/life you would like to work on

  • Get really clear on your values, what is important to you and why

  • Set clear goals, and a plan to achieve them

  • Overcome barriers, and plan effective strategies to help you succeed

  • Teach you tips and tricks to achieve optimal health

  • Provide coaching, guidance, resources and education

  • Link you into a community of like-minded people

  • Be your cheerleader!


For further information about how to work with Amanda, please contact her for more details:

Mobile: 0415 831 390 Email:

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